Planning Consultation

One of our key strategies to encourage safe cycling in Bicester is to work closely with our local Planning and Highways Authorities. We do this by formally responding to Consultations and Planning Applications, as well as attending planning meetings and stakeholder engagement events throughout the year. Below are a list of both active and historical applications that we have been involved with. If you feel we've missed something then please contact us and let us know.

EWR London Road Crossing
7th June 2021

EWR London Road Crossing

Bicester BUG supports the pragmatic (in terms of costs and construction impact) solution of a walking and cycling underpass which would boost active travel in Bicester, reduce local air pollution and enable improvements to the rail station area (boosting access and improving public transport links) and wider town centre. We would not support a pedestrian and cycle bridge.

Closed Consultations

 DriveThru Greggs
2nd August 2021

21/02286/F DriveThru Greggs

BicesterBUG objects to the proposal in its current form. The provision for active travel is insufficient and only token effort has been given to enabling customers to access and use the site without a vehicle.

NW Bicester Housing (EcoTown)
21st June 2021

21/01630/OUT NW Bicester Housing (EcoTown)

Banbury Road Roundabout
2nd April 2021

Banbury Road Roundabout

Bicester Bike Users’ Group (‘Bicester BUG’) supports the Option 3 ‘CYCLOPS’ roundabout design proposal, though improvements could also be made to that design. BBUG has real concerns about the other options, particularly given that the performance of the large roundabouts approved in Bicester to date has been abysmal.

Housing at NW Bicester
1st April 2021

21/01630/OUT Housing at NW Bicester

Overall, the provision for active travel is underwhelming and limited thought appears to have been given to walking and cycling. Though the plans are currently underdeveloped, Bicester Bike Users’ Group (‘Bicester BUG’) has concerns about the traffic flows and active travel provision through and to the development. Further engagement by Bicester BUG with the developers and planning authority would be appreciated to enable the plans to develop.

Symmetry Park
21st December 2020

20/03404/F Symmetry Park

1. Alterations and enlargement of existing service yard to provide additional spaces for car and van parking, new access point to van parking and dispatch area, new access to staff parking area; 2. Building and plant comprising: Vehicle Maintenance Unit (VMU); Technical Services Block (TSB); Vehicle Inspection Hub (VIH); Comms Container (CCR); Sprinkler Tanks and Pump House; Vehicle wash (with underground waste water tank) and Van Fuel Station (with canopy over); smoking and vaping shelter; compaction area (with canopy over) and cycle store; 3. Site fencing enclosure with electricity supply substation; standby generator; enclosed storage units and Pallet Stack; 4. Realignment of existing cycle and footpath between A41 and Site boundary with Wretchwick Green, including landscaping; and 5. Minor realignment of existing storm water drains and installation of storm water attenuation tanks.

Pioneer Roundabout
23rd August 2020

20/01830/F Pioneer Roundabout

Proposed Roundabout Access To Graven Hill And Wretchwick Green London Road Bicester

Emergency Active Travel Proposals
6th February 2020

Emergency Active Travel Proposals

We welcome any and all efforts to improve the provision for cycling in Bicester and this opportunity is critical in making the ‘Gear Change’ that is needed for the health and economy of the town. The area being upgraded includes several routes which will become parts of the cycle network defined in the LCWIP, the aspirations of the work should reflect that.  For example signage and junctions should anticipate the eventual complete network. The proposals are in general sensible and well-thought out, but some consideration of detail is needed to ensure that they work for all users.

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