About Us

What we do

Our objectives are:

  • to increase the proportion of people cycling in and around the town of Bicester.
  • to foster good relations between cyclists, pedestrians, and users of other vehicles; and
  • to improve the safety, accessibility, and convenience of the Bicester cycle network

Who we are

Our committee is constantly striving to improve the environment for cycling in Bicester, if you are interested in joining the us then drop us an email to our personal accounts or via

As a Member of BicesterBUG you have the chance to vote on committee issues and run for committee positions so why not join us now.

Catherine Hickman

Catherine Hickman

Cycles a lot, physiotherapist, can mostly be found pedalling through life with my co pilot.

Paul Troop

Paul Troop

Paul is a barrister who previously worked in the Netherlands for the International Criminal Court and the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. While living in The Hague, he developed a liking for how pleasant and fun it was to be able to get from A to B quickly and safely on a bicycle. As a founder member of Bicester Bike Users’ Group, he is now developing a knowledge of law and planning policy regarding cycling infrastructure, highways, disability discrimination, and personal injury. He would like to see the facilities in Bicester develop so that it is safe for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and needs to get around safely and conveniently.

Rick Hughes
Elected Member
Pete Turner

Pete Turner

Pete is a software developer and tech enthusiast that moved to Bicester with his family in 2021. He works on many of our digital projects such as website development, mapping and routing.