Safak's cycle story: How I learned to love cycling
25th January 2021

Safak's cycle story: How I learned to love cycling

In my last blog, I started to tell my cycling story and how my bike became a primary way to access everywhere as well as giving me fun and an opportunity to exercise more. You might remember I mentioned that I was not cycling on the road in the beginning as I don’t feel safe as a beginner. Guess when, I had the courage to ride on the road first: during first lockdown, around March last year. Because roads were quite empty in Bicester and that was the moment, I built up my confidence. Slowly, I learnt how to indicate or what to do in certain circumstances. As I don’t drive, it was a new world for me. That is the time I started to enjoy cycling. I have to say drivers are kinder and more understanding when they feel you are not confident cycling. During this unprecedented time, so many people have learned different things, discovered new skills and hobbies. Cycling on the road was one of the many skills I improved during lockdown. 

After first lockdown, when things were a bit better and traveling was easier, we went to Devon for a short holiday with our bikes. And this summer I cycled my longest ride which was 47 km! The path was on National cycling route called Drakes Trail with no cars, only cyclists, cows and amazing nature.  I did not dive straight into the deep end of such a long ride, firstly we stayed local riding a stretch of the another car free route, the Phoenix trail between Thame and Princes Risborough on a balmy summer evening.

Nowadays I can not imagine my life without my bike, I am going everywhere in town with it no matter the weather conditions. So, I know now you can’t feel the same in a car as you can on a bike, especially the smell of the nature, raindrops on your hair, breeze on your face. You can’t say hello to people easily or greet them in the eye. Try to cycle to your local shop or pub next time on a nice and sunny afternoon and see what I mean..